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Kittens Sweets & Treats Designer Phone Case


Chocolate cake pops, waffle cones, vanilla macarons, and...kittens! Now how can you have a bad day when it's full of sweets and cats?

The Kittens Sweets & Treats designer phone case was exclusively created for meowbox and is only available for a very limited time. The sooner you order, the lower the price:

Phase I – Early Bird Bargain $14
Opens July 30th: available for 3 days

Phase II – Smart Saver $17
Opens August 3rd: available for 3 days

Phase III – Last Chance: Was $20, NOW only $19
Opens mid-August: available for 7 days

Part proceeds from each purchase will go to the kitties of the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. Ships worldwide. Order yours today or purchase one as a gift!


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