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What is CustomBee?
CustomBee is a crowdfunding platform where you can design and sell phone cases. Whether you're running a marathon, volunteering in Haiti or pledging your birthday, raise funds at zero risk, zero upfront cost and zero inventory! Check out how it works.

For Buyers

1. Will I be charged for reserving a phone case?
Nope! You will only be charged when the campaign is over, and has sold at least 10 cases. Please note that CustomBee will not withdraw any money from your account until we go into production.

2. How much is the shipping cost?
For US orders, there is a flat $5 USD shipping cost. For non-US orders, shipping cost will vary based on your country/region of residence. We also provide expedited shipping for an additional fee. Click “Buy It Now” to go to the checkout page to find out more.

3. When will I receive my case(s)?
US orders: 8-10 business days from the end of the campaign and successful payment
Non-US orders: 15-20 business days from the end of the campaign and successful payment
*Lead time may be longer depending on the sales volume
**Delivery time may vary depending on customs for international orders

4. Where do you deliver?
Everywhere around the globe that accepts PayPal.

5. Can I change my shipping address?
Yes, but only before the campaign ends! Click "Change your shipping address" in your order confirmation email. Keep in mind that you cannot change your address after the end of the campaign because your order has already been fully processed.

6. Can I cancel my order?
If you decide that you no longer want your order for any reason you can cancel it while the campaign is still running. Please email us at to cancel your order. Once a campaign ends, however, we are unable to cancel your order.

7. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
We guarantee the quality of our products. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with what you received, please contact us. We will provide refunds or exchanges within 30 days of the campaign end date if a product is damaged or defective. Shipping fee is non-refundable.

For Sellers

1. Does it cost me anything to start a campaign?
Nope! We call this the triple zeros: zero cost, zero risk, zero inventory. Just collect the profit after the campaign. It's really that easy!

2. Why should I use CustomBee?
T-shirts are so last year. Why not raise funds in a cool, new way while getting your brand noticed on top-notch quality cases?

3. How do I start a campaign?
Easy! Check out how it works here.

4. How long is the duration of a campaign?
You can run your campaign as little as 3 days or as long as 21 days. If your phone cases are for an event, remember to have your campaign end early for your cases to be printed and delivered on time!

5. How much is the base cost per unit?
The base cost is determined by your minimum order target. The higher you target, the lower the cost becomes!

6. How do I set a goal?
You can set your own goal of minimum number of phone cases, and you must pre-sell them to be printed. The higher your goal, the more profit you will make on every phone case. You can keep selling even after you reach your goal until the end of the campaign.

7. How many cases can I sell on CustomBee?
As many as you want!

8. Can I set my own price for the case?
Yes, absolutely! You control the price, but you will see a minimum price depending on the volume.

9. Can I make changes to the campaign once it has launched?
Yes, you can change the campaign title, description, and goal even after you launch your campaign. However, you will have to launch a new campaign if you wish to change your design.

10. Can I end the campaign early?
As long as you sell 10 or more cases, your goal will be automatically dropped and your product will go into production at the goal-adjusted cost. If you sell less than 10 cases, however, your product will not go into production, and you won’t be charged with anything.

11. Can I end the campaign early?
Absolutely. If you met your goal already you can end early and we'll go into printing right away. If you haven't met your goal, you can end it early but we won't charge anyone nor go into production.

12. What is the quality of the products?
Check out what our cases look like here.

13. When do I receive my earnings, and how?
You can request your payout 24 hours after the campaign has ended. After the request, your payment through PayPal will be processed within 4-7 business days.

14. I don’t have a design. Can you help?
Sure! You can contact us at

15. What is the file size & type you recommend to use?
1000px (width) by 2000px (height), JPG or PNG files

16. Can I use someone else's design?
You can use someone else’s design only if you have documented permission from the owner to use that design. Duplicating or copying another design without permission may result in legal charge, campaign termination, and account suspension. You may also face infringement charges if you use protected material, including, but not limited to: logos, images associated with certain companies, sports team, brands, music labels, television shows, and films.

Still have questions? Email us at You can even contact us on Twitter @custombee or on Facebook